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Project 147. 1 of 100 x Justin Robertson - Temple of Wonders!

Back for this third collaboration! Love Justin, his music, his art, always good vibes. 

'It is a great delight to be working with 1/100 again. This is my third collaboration with the esteemed cult T-shirt creators. The first was a cheeky beret wearing fellow, the second a celebration of my novel 'The Tangle' and now the third edition honouring the Temple of Wonders my psychedelic home from home radio show on Soho Radio. Other worldly, outer space sounds manifested on soft cotton in a range of pleasing tones. Hope you dig it.' - Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson Temple of Wonders radio show

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Super soft 155g 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts, and hand printed in Glasgow. Digitally etched walnut project button, uniquely numbered. Only 100 will ever be made.

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