Calling all vinyl lovers (7” vinyl lovers).

457 club

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Remember the rarities you got on 7” vinyl? There are probably loads of you out there wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Well, 7 inches were once a thing. They’re even making a comeback. For those of you that don’t know, 7”s were also called ‘45s’ due to their playback speed of 45 rpm. OK, music lesson over…

We came up with another collaboration, this time with the monthly 45/7 VINYL CLUB in Hamburg. The idea that is that different mixtapes are compiled and played by DJs and music collectors from around the world, both known and unknown (using 7” vinyl ONLY). And such a niche night needed a t-shirt to match.

You can listen to their mixes here

Here's a great mix by Alexander Dahlmann.

'Before buying vinyl I was into Grunge and Stoner Rock. From mid 90's on I started with Hip Hop and Reggae records. First vinyl was „It`s been a long time“ by Rakim. Around 2005 i started buying House and Techno. Since 2010 I started more and more buying from all kinds of genres and countries. Also had a couple of hundred records from my father. He collected end of 70's and 80's.'