I Thought I Heard You Speak - Tote Bag


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Another perfect tote bag, ideal for carrying the Women at Factory Records book 'I Thought I Heard You Speak', in collaboration with Audrey Golden and Hillegonda ‘Gonnie’ Rietveld. Limited availability.

'I couldn't be any more thrilled to be collaborating with the amazing and brilliant Gonnie on this design. The moment she sent me her "Atom Rock" notes and I saw those magnificent dancers, I knew they were something really special. I immediately envisioned them as endpapers for I Thought I Heard You Speak (I'm a complete material book history fanatic, so I'm constantly thinking about things like endpapers and bindings), and now people are going to be able to WEAR those dancers, too! More material history being made on t-shirts by the always great 1 of 100. I couldn't feel luckier to be celebrating my book with these fabulous designs.’ - Audrey Golden 

'Atom Rock’ Revolution: dancing to electronic music (1984) - As electronic musician with Quando Quango during the early 1980s, I used to try out ways to notate drum patterns, bass sequences and synthesizer settings, and to depict the feel of the music. Exposure during my formative years in Rotterdam to the expressionism of Kandinsky, especially his painting ‘Lyrical,’ and the surrealist abstract line work of Miró, as well as heaps of French and Belgian comics, formed part of my nostalgic sources of inspiration.

Two of a spontaneous trio of dancers were selected for the t-shirt. They appeared when we recorded electronic dance track ‘Atom Rock’ for Factory Records at Revolution Studios in Greater Manchester. Illustrating a dynamic relationship between music and dancers, the lines simultaneously suggest sound and movement: the higher pitched frequencies, such as the closed hi-hats, appear near the dancers’ heads as fine lines spaced close together; the lower frequencies move the torso, arms and legs; and the kick drum appears by the feet.’ - Hillegonda ‘Gonnie’ Rietveld

*If ordered with the Limited Edition t-shirt they will be delivered together.