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Height: 6cm Diameter: 8cm Volume | 250ml
Iron glaze is available in either:
Molten Brown or Tea Dust
Selected Color is

Another passion project, over 15 months in the planning! Taking inspiration from the local tiles and collaborating with our neighbours, the super talented Wild Gorse Pottery. Bringing some sunshine to your morning coffee!

A coffee cup, wheel thrown in a toasted stoneware clay with a Granary glaze.

  • Dimensions | Height: 6cm Diameter: 8cm
  • Volume | 250ml - good for a flat white.
  • All items are handmade and show the marks of this process. Every mug will be unique to you.

All items are dishwasher, microwave and food-safe, however, it is recommended that you hand wash with care.

'Wheel-thrown from toasted stoneware clay in Jen's Glasgow pottery, these mugs are glazed with a warm yellow liner glaze and an iron-rich outer glaze. The iron glaze is available in either 'molten brown' or 'tea dust'. The molten brown is a deep translucent glaze inspired by the traditional tiles found around Glasgow. The Tea Dust glaze has small crystals formed in the glaze by the Iron oxide which leaves a subtle blue/green speckle. This depth is often referred to as 'Tea dust' and is celebrated in everything from ancient chinese glazes to classic Tenmoku glazes. All mugs are designed for use and have a comfortable thumb ridge in the hand-pulled handle. They are both dishwasher and microwave safe.' - Jen / Wild Gorse Pottery

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