Yarni x John Pedder Albers EP + t-shirt + tote bag bundle


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We have 5 copies of Yarni's incredible EP 'Albers' available as a bundle including the t-shirt PLUS tote bag with design by John Pedder.

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'My first reaction to collabs is the fear that one or other partner might have their ideas watered down in an  effort to achieve a solution. Nothing could be further from the truth when Yarni and I made this fairly unique partnership work with the ‘Albers EP’. I didn’t think the chemistry could be improved by a third party until the legendary 1/100 stepped in to offer the chance of a Special Edition tee shirt. We’ve both worked with Richie before with our solo endeavours so it was an easy choice to all join forces!' - John Pedder

'Everything John said!' - Yarni

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