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Our 1 of 100 Story

Our 1 of 100 Story

4th Dec 2017

We started skateboarding together when we were 13, skated every day, built a ramp together and had a blast.

We liked different music but enjoyed listening to new sounds and loved seeing live bands and going to clubs. We're very different but something has kept us together as friends for over 30 years.

Perhaps it was the days and nights out, maybe it was because Xander used some of my portfolio to get into college, perhaps it was the time working together in a design department as our first job. Or maybe, just maybe it was the time his mum threw a fish at me. Whatever it was, I always knew we would be friends for a long time.

Now here we are launching a new company which draws on all of our skills and experience to build a community of like minded people. To celebrate and promote creativity.

Why bother doing this?

Sometimes we wonder that too. When we’re elbows deep in ink and we’ve just realised we’ve forgotten to do something in the correct order.

But we always remember why.

We love making cool things. We love meeting and hanging out with interesting people. That’s what 1 of 100 is about – collaborating with anyone who has an interesting story. Or an interesting way of looking at the world. Or an idea that can make a difference.

And, when there’s not a force 6 gale battering us we’d love to skate with you too. Then you’ll understand why being part of 1 of 100 is something pretty sweet.


Bigger than the sum of our parts. Ideas. That’s what drives us. We want to keep creating. Keep making things. Keep collaborating. Keep boredom at bay. We love to meet and work with other people who love to create.

Musicians, illustrators, artists, fashionistas, DJs, misfits and anyone else with a story to tell.

By working together, we all learn. New skills. New interests. New ways of doing things. New loves. New passions. New things to keep us sane. All waiting for the picking. To share and be shared. Join us. Bring your ideas and a healthy dollop of optimism. Become 1 of 100 of something bigger.

Together we can create something great.

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