Casper Sheets

Modern art out of Austin Texas


We spotted Casper Sheets on Instagram and just knew we had to work with him.

'Casper Sheets here, I started working on art as a form of meditation to turn down the chatter of the old brain box.

No artist statements or deeper meanings are intended when I start out on these wild rides. I have moved into a form that helps me keep an ever evolving perspective and to always allow for the possibility that things aren't always what they seem and change with where you are coming from. Something akin to Buddhist sand mandalas, it's always about the journey and rarely about the destination. Having said all that, hope you enjoy where my journeys end up.

I'm super stoked to have a chance to work with we are 1 in 100. I wasn't super aware of what they were doing before they reached out to help with this project but I am loving what they are doing. Awesome group of folks working to give a voice and an avenue of expression for many forms of creatives in this world. From artists and musicians, to skateboarders. Just a rad vision and group of folks, stoked to see what the future holds.'

This has been a labour of love for us, check out Jordan Sharkey's story, coming soon.

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