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Project 076, 1 of 100 x #25 Trainspotting! Another legendary collaboration. Celebrating Jay Glennie's definitive book #25 Trainspotting. With contributions from Danny Boyle, irvine Welsh, Andrew Macdonald, Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Ewen Bremner, Kevin McKiddm and Kelly Macdonald. Only 100 t-shirts will be made.

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'When Richie and I spoke of another collaboration - Richie had previously released a great t shirt for my book on the making of Nic Roeg and Donald Cammell’s Performance  - for the release of my book celebrating twenty-five years of the release of Trainspotting, we started to kick around ideas. 

It’s a pretty iconic film, with any number of quotable Irvine Welsh lines. But I recalled Danny Boyle and Robert Carlyle both telling me the story of their first meeting. It always stuck with me. 


An extract from the making of Trainspotting: 

Danny Boyle had an actor in mind to play Begbie, again throwing a different slant to Welsh’s novel; he wanted to see the man who had turned down Shallow Grave: Robert Carlyle. 

“Ewan’s playing Renton, what other part do you want?”  

“Sick Boy?” 

“What about Begbie?” 

The actor wasn’t convinced. He had identified Begbie as a monster, a big, big guy.

“No, no, small psychos are the best,” returned the smiling Boyle. 


That was the T-shirt, right there: Small psychos are the best. 

I knew just the image we could use and left the rest to Richie. We had a huge gift and we were honouring Irvine, Danny and Robert, and of course Begbie.

Small psychos are indeed the best!' - Jay Glennie

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