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Project 053, 1 of 100 x Greg Foat! Our third Limited Edition of 2021. Only 100 of our Limited Edition t-shirts will ever be made across all colours. Gold on black, light blue on navy, black on yellow or yellow on green. This is where it gets interesting. Only the 2 most popular colours will go forward for future print runs. If you want to make sure you get your preferred colour it needs to be in the first print run! *UPDATE Green and Yellow didn't quite make it, sorry.

And for the last time, every order placed on the opening day (Friday 19th March) will be packed inside an exclusive tote bag. Also available here. Be 1 of 100. 

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'I am really happy to collaborate with 1 of 100 on a  Dark is the Sun t-shirt. The finished product looks great! Really good quality and limited to 100 only I am excited to wear mine!' - Greg Foat

Buy the brilliant album, 'Dark Is The Sun' here

Our T-Shirts run large so please take time to look at our sizing page to help us make sure you buy the best size for you, this will really help us, thanks!


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