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Project 070, 1 of 100 x Oor Wullie! Who else could launch a collaboration with a house music legend one week followed by Oor Wullie? That's because we have always done things our way, and house music and Oor Wullie are important parts of my life and I want to celebrate that. The message on the t-shirt is more apt now than ever, get out there and get your boots muddy! Only 100 adult t-shirts will be made.

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'The artwork chosen for this t-shirt features an illustration of Oor Wullie by Dudley D. Watkins. Watkins was the co-creator of Oor Wullie with writer R.D. Low in 1936. Watkins is recognised as one of the finest comic artists of his generation and his artwork is still much admired. The artwork being used on the t-shirt was selected by 1 of 100 in consultation with DC Thomson Media and it is hoped that this will be the first in a series of t shirts released by 1 of 100 featuring Oor Wullie artwork sourced from the DC Thomson archive.'

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