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Project 074, 1 of 100 x Posthuman! We’ve only been patiently waiting for a couple of years for the stars the align, and here we are! Buzzing to be collaborating with Posthuman on a Limited Edition t-shirt celebrating their fantastic new album ‘REQUIEM FOR A RAVE’.  Only 100 t-shirts will be made.

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'"Requiem for a Rave" is our love letter to our teenage selves. It's jungle, acid, techno, and rave but viewed through the prism of memory - hazy, timelines broken, distorted.

We're of the generation that caught the tail-end of the rave scene. Swapping cassette recordings of pirate radio shows from "far off London", soundtracking the convoys of Fiestas, 106's and Golfs piling down country lanes...stopping off at an isolated phonebox with a photocopy of a photocopy of a map, to weird warehouses and fields in the dead of night. The CJB coming in and shutting down the raves and moving it all into the clubs. When genres & scenes were more interchangeable. This album is kinda cheesy, it's not serious and po-faced like dance music has become. We make no apologies. Hope it connects with you the way it does with us.

The tshirt design fits with the inside artwork of the gatefold sleeve of the vinyl album, we've all been in that car; spliff in hand, tunes on loud, driving into the sunrise on the way home from some soundsystem in a dew-covered field somewhere...' - Josh & Rich x

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