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Project 071, 1 of 100 x Stan Chow! We are delighted to finally be collaborating with the super talented Stan Chow, secretly we've both been wanting to for a long time but were too shy to ask. So here we are, Project 071, new buttons have been ordered. Only 100 t-shirts and sweatshirts will be made in total.

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'When We are 1 of 100 first launched, I thought this looks like a real cool project, I’ll keep my eye on this. I kept tabs on what they were up to and started noticing artists who I knew and respected kept popping up and making t-shirts. I knew that this is something I wanted to be part of, but was too shy to ask.  2 years later, I was asked to collaborate. Have to say, it made me feel very happy.

Anyway, the shirt design: My 9 year old daughter, who for most of her life has always said she doesn’t like mushrooms, told me she really liked the string-like mushrooms that I tried to hide in her bowl of noodles. She later proclaimed “I love these enoki mushrooms!”. This is inspired me to illustrate some enoki mushrooms for my daughter. She loved the picture, I posted it on Instagram, Richie saw it and loved it too and here we are, we have a T-shirt designed!!' - Stan Chow

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It's really important to check sizes please, the sweatshirts are more fitted to your usual size but if you like them baggy, size up. There is always time over the next week to change size before we print, and if you are in Glasgow you can even pop into the studio to try the sizes out, this will really help us, thanks!

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