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Project 064, 1 of 100 x Stephen Morris! More dreams getting made at 1 of 100 HQ. Still can't quite believe this is happening, we are absolutely buzzing and honoured to be collaborating with Stephen, a true legend of music and such a great guy. Read on to find out more about the design. Two colour print, black and red onto a white 100% Organic Cotton t-shirt. Only 100 in total will be made.

Stephen Morris tote bag available here

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'When it comes to fashion I have to confess I am what you might call sartorially challenged. Beyond jeans and a T shirt I am clueless. I do love a good T shirt though, the quirkier the better - in fact I am an avid collector of the things. 

Imagine my surprise and delight then, when I was asked by 1 of 100 if I would like to collaborate on a shirt design.  I eagerly replied “of course, how hard could it be? I’ve been wearing T shirts for over 60 years so I must have picked up something". Being a techno nerd at heart-I took my inspiration from 80’s Macintosh graphics specifically an interactive composition program called M and with the help of the very talented  Warren Jackson came up with this……I quite like it and I hope you do too' - Stephen Morris

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