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Pre-order. Every order hand printed. Delivery around 7th January (UK).

Project 084, 1 of 100 x Emika. REMIX! We have added a few new colourways sizes up to XXXXL.

Emika is an artist, musician, composer, producer and performer who lives near Berlin. From being signed to Ninja Tune to running her own indie imprint, Emika Records; she is always pushing herself and exploring sound. Be 1 of 100.

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'One of my Patrons recommended 1 of 100 to me and said the quality was great.  I've been looking for someone to collaborate with for nice T shirts and bags for many years now and I love the limited 100 concept. Artistic and made to last.

High quality, unique and collectable, which fits perfectly with my approach to the way I produce records too.  I am also extra happy that this T and bag come at the same time as me and my fans celebrating my 10 years making music independently.  The design is taken from my trilogy of albums called VEGA.' - Emika

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