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Project 127. 1 of 100 x PBR Streetgang! One of the many highlights of last years Convenanza Festival was bumping into a few of the lucky 100 wearing our last PBR Streetgang collaboration, you instantly know they are 'people like us'! So, to be asked to collaborate again, and help Bonar and Tom celebrate 20 years of playing the best parties together feels great. *Sorry no XL in Mint available.

And this time, as many of you had asked, it's a t-shirt. Not just any t-shirt of course, it's a piece of art, organic cotton, numbered, and only 100 will ever be made. Not much chance of meeting anyone in the same t-shirt, but if you do, there is the now customary 1 of 100 greeting and number swap. It's a special moment! Be 1 of 100. 

'Really happy to be collaborating with 1 of 100 again to mark our 20th year, they look dope, they’re made fairly and will last for ages so grab one while you can … when they gone .. they gone!’ - PBR Streetgang

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Super soft 155g 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts, and hand printed in Glasgow. Digitally etched walnut project button, uniquely numbered. Only 100 will ever be made.

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