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Project 116. 1 of 100 x TDO019! Probably the world's best cassette label (in our eyes) back for another collaboration. Our first Limited Edition release with them, celebrating 5 years, with the mythical, missing TDO019 tape. Every order comes with a randomly chosen cassette and pen.

'It's 5 years since the "Music from The Dark Outside Volume One" was released and about 70 releases later the pencilled in but never released TDO019 eventually gets released. Originally intended to be a homage to the Gerry and the Holograms "the Emperor's New Music" single which was glued into it's cover that rendered the single unplayable.  

It's a cassette tape that can't be played, Either it has snapped, had no tape, contains just leader tape and other mishaps that befall cassette tapes when they are manufactured.  So rather than they end up in a landfill here they are labelled up and not glued into their case. It's a tape you can't play in a case you can't see through that comes with a T-shirt and permanent marker so you can potentially fill in that space at the top of the label on the design with whatever you choose and potentially completely ruin that very nice t-shirt you just bought. 

Wait, there's more...
It comes with a download code.  

Note : neither 1 of 100 nor TDO Cassettes / The Dark Outside will be held liable for any damage to audio equipment and/or t-shirts.' - Stuart McLean / TDO Cassettes

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