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A brand new Special Edition with an inspirational local artist, Willie Wawa. He has created a totally new design of his trademarked (Trade Mark No: UK00003781680) phrase "Human for Life".

"Human for life" is a declaration of belonging to a global tribe, in Willie's opinion, "the urge to create is what defines our humanity, whether that be a sandwich or a cathedral, it is non exclusionary, humanity is a race that you cannot win so stop competing and enjoy living.

The phrase was born out of Willies first major work "self portrait as a dolls house” 2021, a sculptural diary of recovery from alcoholism. In one of the scenes he finds the serenity of a wee dug, that dog is now capable of giving back to society and declares "a human is for life not just for Christmas”

He trademarked the phrase “Human for Life” in 2022 (Trade Mark No: UK00003781680) to protect its integrity and in preparation for collaborations such as this edition of t-shirts for 1 of 100.

Willie Sutherland is a self taught late starter who launched his artistic practice in 2021, he describes his ethos as “Mundanitism’ which he coined to describe a desire to seek the extraordinary in the everyday. His work has been credited as belonging to a school of  “*Weegie pop art” alongside George Wyllie and John Byrne, esteemed company which he is more than happy to be credited alongside.

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Hand printed with love in Glasgow. 

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