Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter

* SOLD OUT * A 1 of 100 Collaboration with Chris & Cosey

“Sometimes we are Carter Tutti, sometimes we are Chris & Cosey. Sometimes we are Carter Tutti Void, or Conspiracy International and sometimes we are Throbbing Gristle. We are always Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter.” 


A Collaboration From Across the Transverse

1 of 100 is delighted to present its latest T-Shirt collaboration with two of music’s most iconic names, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter. Chris & Cosey, both previously members of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle have been breaking boundaries together since 1981.

Fast forward to the present day, and both artists continue to publish thought provoking art and literature - with the release of f(x) on Industrial records in 2015 as Carter Tutti Void - and later, with Cosey Fanni Tutti publishing her excellent autobiography ‘Art Sex Music’ through Faber & Faber in 2017.

Chris launched his first solo album in 17 years, 'Chemistry Lessons Volume One' on Mute records in March 2018 to critical acclaim.

As lifelong fans of both artists, it really goes without saying that we’re ecstatic to present this collaboration. As always, this run of t-shirts is limited to 100. These are now all gone, sorry! 

Check out a hand-picked selection of the band’s mixes below.