Resurgence 4

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Get ready bboys and bgirls – Resurgence 4 is on its way. So what’s it all about? Well, every year Glasgow hosts a 1 on 1 breakdance battle. And you guessed it, it’s called Resurgence, and as this happens to be its fourth year. Attracting dancers and spectators from all across Europe – Glasgow is going to be the place the be.

As you’d imagine it’s intense full-on fun, and incredible to watch as well as take part in (if you can). There’ll be breakers, DJs and a total buzz about the place to bring everyone together. Why not prepare yourself with one of our special edition t-shirts designed by collaborator and gifted graffiti artist @Sapien82. Yo. Breaking’s back. Be there.

Photo of Bboy Kenosis by Kenichi Images