*SOLD OUT* 1 of 100 X Solaris100

Artist, DJ and Social Media whizzkid Solaris100.


Multi-facetted Artist, Designer, Blogger and DJ Solaris100 entertains with bold graphics and a good portion of humor!

We came across Solaris100 via his Instagram feed where he inspires his followers with a creative and colorful feed about art, street fashion, lifestyle and pop culture.

Educated at Central St.Martins in London, Solaris100's world consists of everything from 90ties toy nostalgia to DJ culture, streetwear, graffiti, sneakers and art.

His DIY approach and obsession with urban culture really clicked with us and so we invited him over to spin some tunes. So why not doing a limited edition t shirt as well? After many requests to make this t shirt more readily available, we now present you the official edition!

"I always loved characters: From Darth Vader to Donald Duck all the way to the Pointman of Futura2000 or the companion of KAWS. So naturally I have been creating my own characters for my clubnights, design projects and art pieces as well! So as I flew over with a box full of vinyl it just made sense to me to create a character that reflects my love for vinyl records and urban culture. I hope you guys dig it!

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