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Perfect tote bag, ideal for carrying the book Monument Maker. In collaboration with David Keenan - Limited availability.

'The Monument Maker t-shirt and tote bag set celebrates ten years of making monument and the publication of David Keenan’s rapturously-acclaimed new novel, Monument Maker, by White Rabbit Books. The t-shirt is an exact replica of the Helpless Clairvoyants t-shirt (and patches) made specially for the protest gig on the moon against a second spaceport on the Sea of Tranquility that took place in the late 21st century and that was the legendary Helpless Clairvoyants final gig, as lead guitarist and vocalist Firth Column was last seen heading for the dark side of the moon with nothing but a moon buggy, a survival dome, a guitar, an amplifier and what was reputed to be a head, singing, inside a white cube.

The tote bag celebrates the patron saint of Monument Maker, the French Romanesque sculptor, Gislebertus of Autun, one of God’s greatest artists who signed his incredible artwork in Autun Cathedral Gislebertus hoc Fecit – Gislebertus Made This – the earliest example of an artist signing their stonework. The perfect companion when travelling with Monument Maker or when making your own pilgrimage around the monasteries and cathedrals of France, edition of 100 copies, no reprint ever.' - David Keenan