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Project 037. Another musical hero, 1 of 100 x Andy Bell! Andy is about to release his first solo album outside of Ride. Buzzing to be collaborating with him at this exciting time.

If you get lucky and get one of the 100 t-shirts, it will be packed in one of our exclusive tote bags with all orders placed on Friday 4th September, but don't worry if you miss out, head over to our totes and you can buy one. 

'I’m really proud to be collaborating with 1 of 100 on these climate neutral T shirts. The words on the shirt come from the lyrics of a song called “The Commune” which was the b-side of my first solo single, Plastic Bag, in 2019. First single, first t shirt. Hope you like it, thanks Andy.'

*There are still some supply chain issues worldwide so orders for the Pink t-shirts are likely to not ship until early November, the first time we'll be able to print them.

You can pre-order Andy's new album 'The View From Halfway Down' Here

You definitely need to follow Andy on Twitter Here

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