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155g, 100% Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral and printed with your unique number

Project 036. The Chill Out Tent is a virtual online festival, a mixture of music, films, arts, interviews and talks. It’s also a community of artists, musicians, DJs, music lovers, and people who like to have very good quality parties once in a while. *Lemon t-shirt orders will be delivered around 3rd October.

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'The idea for The Chill Out Tent came out of having nothing to do at the beginning of the Lock Down. I mailed my old friend, Anthony Burrill, because I couldn’t think of anyone better to design a logo, and he got back to me within an hour saying yes. That was the beauty of those first few confusing days.

He asked his friend Anthony at Imeus Design to collaborate and within a week we had the perfect design sorted. The first comment from our first Instagram post was - what about a t-shirt? So, in the spirit of Balearic, chilled, going with the flow, here’s that t-shirt, with the fab logo designed by Anthony Burrill and Studio Imeus. Collaborating with 1 of 100 who have also seemed to have grown out the adversity of lock-down seemed such a good fit too.' - Chris Coco.

Listen to their events Here

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