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Project 46. Erland Cooper x Edinburgh Music Lovers! Erland is donating all his artist commission to a great cause - Help Musicians Scotland.

Only 100 t-shirts will be made, free tote bag with all orders placed on Friday 20th November.

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'Delighted to be collaborating with 1 of 100 on these climate neutral T shirts. The lyric is from a song called ‘Where I am is Here’ which is the name of a 1964 short by celebrated Scottish experimental filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait.

It’s a work all about time and memory and its repeated phrase “love now more than ever” feels like an urgent demand for our times - I can say that because I borrowed the words from Clint Mansell to finish the song.

I was happy to discover he was happy with our collaboration from afar. He's someone who’s work inspired me to make this trilogy of albums along with Orcadian poet George Mackay Brown and his words, a true nautical map for me. "The essence of Orkney’s magic  are the deep marvellous rhythms of sea and land  darkness and light.' - Erland Cooper.


'Love now, more than ever. 

These words come from the whispered refrain on Where I Am Is Here, the last track on Hether Blether, the final album of Erland Cooper’s acclaimed Orkney trilogy.

In these disconnected times, it feels like such an timely and important message.

So we’ve teamed up with our friend Erland Cooper and the good people at We Are 1 of 100 to create a very special limited edition t-shirt bearing these words.

We’ll soon also be exclusively sharing the video for Where I Am Is to complete this collaboration.' - Jim Byers, Edinburgh Music Lovers.

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