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155g, 100% Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral and printed with your unique number
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Project 051, 1 of 100 x Fila Brazillia! Out first exclusive collaboration of the year and it's a belter. Only 100 of our Limited Edition t-shirts will ever be made across all colours. Every order placed on the opening day (4th February) will be packed inside an exclusive tote bag. Be 1 of 100. 

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'1 of 100 ethos of small limited runs is one that appealed to our cottage industry sensibilities. They’ve curated some excellent collaborations and so it was a pleasure to be partake in this one.' - Steve Cobby

Check out their Bandcamp page here

Also, Declasse's Bandcamp page here

*Unfortunately due to Brexit there may be additional charges for EU countries on arrival which is outwith our control.
**The grey melange colour t-shirt is more fibrous due to the mixture of threads, the ink sits on top, adding to a unique texture which is completely natural.
Our T-Shirts run large so please take time to look at our sizing page to help us make sure you buy the best size for you, this will really help us, thanks!


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