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100 % Organic Cotton and Climate Neutral

Another 1 of 100 exclusive creative collaboration, this time with DJ Dribbler and his brilliant book, 'Harry's Kebabs'. We're always on the look out to bring you the best underground collabs, and this is no exception! Orange ink on 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt. #ifyouknowyouknow

'I’ve been a DJ for what is now approaching 30 years. It’s meant I’ve lived in many cities and been influenced by the music and graffiti all around me. It’s what I write about and this collab represents the urban centers and influences. The names are presented graff sticker style and in your face. The colour is warm and gender neutral. I love that it matches the stitching on most jeans. The rabbit is a shout to my mate Malcolm who I based the character Chox upon and his rabbit and that whole scene in the book. I’m very proud to have been asked to do this collab and hope these influences come thru and are enjoyed by many.'

Check out the book here

Each T-Shirt will come with a sticker so you can share the love.

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