Marcus Reed


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Project 034. Really pleased to bring another outstanding designer into the family. We spotted Marcus work on Instagram and he agreed to a collaboration. 3 colour choices, 1 exceptional goal.

'Being a big fan of subculture, football, fashion and all that comes with it. I set myself the task of trying to create artworks, combining all that from a slightly different angle. And so ’Subeauties’ was born. I look at some football nostalgia, with a nod to table football and great goals but given a modern, minimalist look and feel.

The lovely folk at 1 of 100 kindly offered up a collaboration and Archie Gemmill’s classic v Holland in Argentina ’78 World Cup clinched it, with reference to Irvine Welsh’s - Trainspotting. Another subcultural reference was added to the fold.

Many thanks to Richie and team for bringing this together, he said it would look great on a t-shirt… He wasn’t wrong! - Marcus Reed.

Over 500 Five Star reviews - read some here

You can buy more goals as posters Here and who knows, maybe some of them will make it onto a t-shirt in the future.

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