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Project 016 is really special. A limited edition numbered T-Shirt, a tote bag and a fanzine by Memorial Device.

'This is the official band t-shirt of the greatest band that never existed, Airdrie’s Memorial Device, stars of David Keenan’s award-winning cult novel, This is Memorial Device (Faber & Faber). Featuring original archival photographs of Airdrie taken by Lucas Black back in the day and a classic quote from guitarist and founding member Big Patty - “…from now on music has to sound like a building coming down or forget it” - this is the ultimate post-punk t-shirt, in memoriam of every smalltown band that achieved nada in the fevered years of the late-70s/early-1980s, but who left behind them a legacy of belief, commitment and artistic bravery that continues to reverberate.'

PLUS... Limited edition exact repro re-print of Airdrie fanzine Go Ahead And Drop the Bomb’s special Memorial Device Memorial Edition w/every MD t-shirt, w/exclusive interviews with Memorial Device, Vanity, Cold Stars, Sufferage Tapes, Rod Stilvert, Whinhall Starvers, Clarkston Parks...


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Exact repro, fully authorised by the band, reissue of the legendary Chinese Moon cassette (Hitch In Time/Thrumming/Phasing), originally released on Robert Mulligan of Steel Teeth’s Sufferage Tapes imprint (home to Memorial Device, Glass Sarcophagus, The Traveller In Black, Kazoo Icing Compass…). Chinese Moon were an experimental four-piece from Airdrie who existed, briefly, in the early years of the 1980s and whose shows using mannequins and tape-loops have since passed into urban legend. Three tracks; live and in the studio. Limited edition. No re-press.


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