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Our T-Shirt's:
100 % Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral and printed with your unique number
Slam 88 Limited Edition T-shirt


Our 7th collaboration is with one of the most influential forces in the Scottish, UK and global techno and electronic music scene, Slam!

'Slam are celebrating 30 years of Acid House in Glasgow, recreating that authentic Acid House party feel with none other than DJ Pierre, the creator and innovator of a sound that continues to resonate and inspire today. This T-Shirt collaboration with 1 of 100 is strictly limited to 100.'

Acid House and the 'Second summer of love' was an incredible time for creativity. Across the UK there was a DIY movement happening, parties springing up and people getting together from all backgrounds. It was more than music it was a cultural shift, everyone felt that the world could change and Slam were at the forefront of the movement in Glasgow.

So many people were influenced creatively by the music and parties, and we know of countless examples of people starting creative businesses, film, design, music following this period.

We're proud to be able to release this T-Shirt with Slam and Soma Records as they had a massive influence on us. 

This is a quality, thick print. Please iron and wash inside out and don't tumble dry to ensure it stays at its very best and it should last another 30 years! Remember, our T-Shirts run large so please take time to look at our t-shirt sizing guide to help us make sure you buy the best size for you, this will really help us, thanks!

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