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Project 061, 1 of 100 x Will Sergeant! We are delighted to be collaborating with another creative legend, and it's been a joy of a project from beginning to end with Will. The good news is that Will is keen for this to be just the start of a collection of projects we will collaborate on, so if you miss out on this drop don't despair!

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'The 1 of 100 concept was drawn to my attention by Russ, my friend and Bunnymen’s long time webmaster. It immediately appealed to me. Each shirt is meticulously screen printed by hand. They use quality ethically sourced shirts with great care and attention to detail. 

The screenprint processes are not a million miles away from the way sound is locked onto a magnetic tape reel for reproduction. Likewise, the image is locked on to screen for reproduction.

My interest in music came from a love and fascination with tape recorders. From the days of recording Top of the Pops and the Radio 1’s Sunday chart rundown on a mates Grundig reel to reel, to Brian Eno and Robert Fripp's use of Revox tape machines as instruments. On to the birth of the cassette and the advent of the total mind-blasting immersive first listenings to the sony walkman. Then onto Multi-track recording. 

This shirt design is a reflection of my wonder at the alchemy of transferring sound onto a strip of plastic tape, with basically magnetised rust pasted on it. The image is of my 1960’s mono series 5 Ferrograph tape recorder. The perfect subject.' - Will Sergeant

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