Acid House Cycling Club Slip mat


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At last you scream! We're bringing our Dean Marsh - Acid House Cycling Club collaboration to your decks.

'I had the opportunity to collaborate with 1 of 100 after Richie recognised potential in my earlier design work. This collaboration led to the release of my Acid House Cycling Club designs for the AHCC, a community that originated on Twitter with like minded friends, the OG Danny Kelly on his trainer while blasting tunes and Mick Jarmain who created the AHCC Strava group.

Now 2 years later my Team Riders Collection is here.

I have always admired 1 of 100's unique brand and the collabs they have done. Being approached to contribute to their portfolio of clients, has been a proud moment for me.

I've been passionate about House music and DJing for 30 years now, putting out monthly mixes in my Isolation series, this, combined with my design experience, has made for a perfect collaboration that I hope people will appreciate. Viva La Acid!" - Dean Marsh

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