Dark Outside 10th Anniversary Slip Mat - TDO 077


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It's gone

Delighted to be able to help The Dark Outside celebrate 10 years of producing one of the best ideas in radio and music in general. We salute you and all who have sent in music and listened. Please tune in on Sunday 1st October for 24hrs of the finest music

'In 2012 I was given free reign over an FM radio transmitter for 24 hours. It was originally meant to be for 30 minutes but for some reason the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park artists in residence at that time, Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman had either lost their minds or thought that giving that to me for a full day would be interesting.  So, given a radio transmitter to play with in a Dark Skies Park in Dumfries & Galloway, what to do? 

And then I had the single-most ridiculous idea. To play 24 hours of music / sounds that nobody had ever heard from a place where nobody might be listening. After all, who would be daft enough to travel into a forest just to listen to a radio? 

Well it's 2022 and on October 6th at noon when the silence through the small radios were broken by Innes Smith welcoming you to The Dark Outside and the sound of Komputer's fabulous "Radio Norway ", The Dark Outside will be 10 years old.

But as the 6th will be on a Thursday this year, it'll be broadcasting online from noon on October 1st via https://broken20.com/further_in 

To commemorate this historic occasion* the very wonderful people at 1 of 100 will be making some t-shirts, sweatshirts and perhaps a slipmat, as you all know The Dark Outside has it's own tape label that has a turntable slipmat.

* not actually historic.' - Stuart / The Dark Outside