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Project 097, 1 of 100 x Charlie Dark x Sunil Pawar! There was always the music, Attica Blues on Mo'Wax of course, sublime cuts of music which stand the test of time, sounding as fresh, futuristic yet soulful as it did when it was released. Then the Run Dem Crew and Run Dem Radio, community action at its best and cool as F*CK! But for me Charlie was bigger than all of this over Lockdown, his weekly show on WorldWideFM was a beacon of light through some tough times. Big shout out Si for helping connect us.

One of the most enjoyable parts of doing this is being in the privileged position to bring incredible talent together. Serendipity (thanks Craig!) got me chatting with Sunil, without knowing beforehand I'd been loving his work. And here we are, a really special, bumper collaboration between creatives at the top of their game. 

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'Over the last three years there has been tremendous change and turmoil in the world which coupled with the rise of social media has resulted in the pressure of opinion and the feeling of obligation to be seen to publicly comment on everything you see and hear. As Dj’s , creatives and people in the music industry we are often frontline in the expectation of opinion and I often have  people asking me advice on how to respond. My answer is simple, if in doubt  as to what to say then allow the music to say it for you, if in doubt how to feel go listen to your record collection and it will give you the answers. Record collections are not supposed to be museums never to be touched, they are to be listened to, investigated and shared. 

When the suggestion of a collaboration came about I jumped at the chance, I’ve been a fan of 1 of 100 for a few years now and I love the fact that it stands for something more than just a throw away garment. Sunil is someone whose been on my radar since the beginning of the pandemic and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to put something special out into the world. 

I hope the message resonates with people, provokes conversation and makes people smile. ' -  Charlie Dark


'Charlie is renowned for fusing the realms of Well-being, positivity and DJ culture, a unique fusion which I wanted to bring across in this release.

His famous mantra which he blesses the mic with regularly: The music is in the message,  the message is in the music' sums up his ethos perfectly so it made sense to centre the whole artwork around it.

We have a lot of shared inspirations, from rocking Rush Release bags and Michiko Koshino in Soho in the Nineties(!) to our childhood education from Pirate Radio, so the proposition of a collaboration seemed a logical one.

It's a salute to a proper London legend, a non-stop spiritual inspiration and serious Bad Bwoy selector.' -  Sunil Pawar

Charlie on WorldWideFM
Sunil Pawar Website

100% Organic Cotton in black and hand printed in Glasgow.

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