Charlie Dark x Sunil Pawar Mix Tape


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Exclusive Charlie Dark x Sunil Pawar Mix Tape.

'Vibes upon vibes, grooves upon grooves as I delve into my record collection to bring you a selection of music that’s currently rocking my world when I need to mediate on current times. In the spirit of old school tapes made by friends and circulated during my early raving days please share what you find and let me know the impact it has. The lack of track list is deliberate in homage to the boxes of tapes I recorded off pirate radio in my bedroom in my teens.

Obsessively glued to the speaker trying to find clues as to what the tunes were called. Till this day, there are still records that I’m only just finding out the names of in my digging travels and then there are those I never want to find, to preserve the mystery and memories around when I first heard them. Each song has been deliberately chosen for its message so listen closely and enjoy. Hopefully you’ll find something amongst the grooves that makes you smile. The music is in the message the message is in the music. Enjoy.' - Charlie Dark

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