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Decisions, decisions! Our latest Special Edition collaboration, this time with designer, DJ and all round House aficionado, Dean Marsh! 

So black or lilac, you need to decide?

'I was given this opportunity to collaborate with 1 of 100, after Richie spotted potential in an earlier incarnation of a design I had done. This was to eventually become this AHCC release. The ideas flowed from there. Those ideas led me to work on a set of designs for an ever growing community that is now a fully fledged Acid House Cycling Club, which formed on Twitter with the OG Danny Kelly on his trainer while blasting tunes and Mick Jarmain who created the AHCC Strava group, a close group of friends into the same music, a love of 1 of 100 and shared love of our culture in general.

1 of 100 has always been on my radar, as I've always been an admirer of their unique brand. I’ve loved seeing the varied collaborations over the years come to life and how people have gravitated towards such a great, ethical brand. I’m proud to have been approached by 1 of 100 to add to the already outstanding portfolio of designs and collaborations.

This has been a real highlight for myself in my renewed career. The entire process, working with Richie has been a very rewarding experience. It's only fitting to also mention that I have a relentless passion for music and DJing. For the best part of 30 years my love of music (notably all things H.O.U.S.E) has led me more recently under the ISOLATION MIX Moniker, to start a series of mixes during lockdown, which have been greatly received over the past 2 years. This, coupled with my design experience has made for a perfect collaboration that I hope, people will relate to. Viva La Acid' - Dean Marsh

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Black or lilac super soft 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts, and hand printed in Glasgow.

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