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Project 100, 1 of 100 x Xander! Who would have thought four and a half years ago when we started we would reach this milestone! This is a celebration and a thank you to everyone that has supported our adventure. Be 1 of 100.

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'The man, the myth the legend. Project 100 had to be something special. Six, maybe even seven years ago since we first had the chat about my idea, 1 of 100. Xander had the skills and as you'll see he also has the creative flair.

If I'm honest I don't think I ever thought we'd get to Project 100. So many companies fail, not always through their own decisions (though I have made plenty of crazy ones myself!), it can be tough out there.

We must thank our collaborators, they have all been a dream to work with and genuinely the nicest people, so supportive and incredibly brave to trust us with their work.

We're still able to do what we love because of you though, the brilliant 1 of 100 community. Together I know we have been able to create something really special and we're so grateful for the opportunity. 

​Project 100 is a celebration of our friendship and it felt absolutely right that Xander should design this t-shirt and he hasn't let us down, it's a beauty!' - Richie

Hand crafted with black ink on grey or green ink on ecru 155g 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts, digitally etched walnut project button, uniquely numbered. Only 100 will be made across both colours however we are placing a time limit to order. You can place your order NOW and orders close at 6pm on Friday 2nd September. Each order comes with a FREE tote bag as a thank you.

Our T-Shirts run large so please take time to look at our sizing page to help us make sure you buy the best size for you, this will really help us, thanks! 

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