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Project 095, 1 of 100 x Steve Jansen! We are honoured to be collaborating with Steve. So, for the first time we are dropping a collection, two Limited Editions and a Special Edition. Steve's beautiful photos deserved a multiple release, this is your chance to own an exclusive piece of wearable art.

The first release, a classic halftone image of his photo 'Chair' with signature underneath, from his sold out photo book, 'Through a Quiet Window'. Black ink on white t-shirt (sizes XS - XXXXL) or roll sleeve (sizes S - XL). Only 100 of these will be made in total across both options and each one uniquely hand screen numbered. Be 1 of 100. 

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'As a photographer I generally prefer natural lighting so that the atmosphere of ambient light is maintained. Frequently touring during my youth with little time to spend sightseeing, turned me into an awful tourist. With a camera and no time or energy to wander, hotel room interiors were a constant theme for me. I was impressed by this beautifully simple, backlit chair, with the urban landscape beyond, and further beyond that the mountains. Inanimate and quiet but contrasted by the chair seat and an intimate reminder of the traveller who has moved on.' -  Steve Jansen

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There is a choice of fit, standard or roll sleeve. Both 100% Organic Cotton in black and hand printed in Glasgow.

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