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Project 096, 1 of 100 x Steve Jansen! We are honoured to be collaborating with Steve. So, for the first time we are dropping a collection, two Limited Editions and a Special Edition. Steve's beautiful photos deserved a multiple release, this is your chance to own an exclusive piece of wearable art.

The second release, a classic halftone image of his photo, 'Happy Binocular Man' from his sold out photo book, ‘Through a Quiet Window’ with signature underneath. Turquoise or purple ink on a pale lemon t-shirt (sizes XS - XXL). Only 100 of these will be made in total across both colour options and each one uniquely hand screen numbered. Be 1 of 100. 

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'I wanted to make a fun t-shirt with a simple graphic that anyone could wear regardless of who the subject matter is. This I thought complied and I know Mick would love the idea. For about a year in the early 80s he and I were sharing a flat in Mayfair above a popular night club. He’d stolen a set of binoculars from the theatre and for no particular reason we ended up taking a series of shots with them. This image forms part of a triptych which was included in the UK version only of my photo book ‘Through a Quiet Window' -  Steve Jansen

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100% Organic Cotton in black and hand printed in Glasgow.

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