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Project 146. 1 of 100 x Lumberjacks in Hell x Paul McDonald!

I think it's clear from reading the below that this one has been a joy to collaborate on, there is some magic sprinkled on these t-shirts.

'Big fan of the approach and ethic of 1 of 100. A wonderful way to manifest our second collaboration with one of my favourite artists Paul McDonald. The collaboration revolves around our shared love for house and disco and the deep cultural impact of said genres combined with our apparent taste for mushrooms!? I said it better elsewhere but of course what I love about Paul is that his work is almost like poetry. Is like Poetry. The Elements Paul McDonald uses in his art are memories, some individual, some collective, some lived and some adapted. These memories and emotions are road maps surrounding certain topics, such as my Label Lumberjacks in Hell. It’s a way to express your feelings and associations, it’s a way to express all of it.' - Marcel Vogel / Lumberjacks in Hell

'Marcel and Me...where do I start? I first started chatting with Marcel online in early 2020 just before the world went into complete and utter meltdown/lockdown when I worked with him to produce a poster celebrating 20 years of the mighty fine Lumberjacks in Hell label. A record cover for the very fine DJ Prequel followed soon after and now this piece that you wonderful people now have the opportunity to wear on a beautifully produced t-shirt by the best in the game 1 of 100. This piece is extra special for me as it came out of a period where I had hit a serious creative wall and literally didn't pick up my pens for months....drawers block??? Maybe! It means a lot to me (maybe more than any other piece I've created) as it's a testament to patience..Marcel and Richie are two of the coolest people on the planet and to work with them both on this was a pleasure and a honour..keep the Faith and Fuck the Tories..' - love Paul

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Super soft 155g 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts, and hand printed in Glasgow. Digitally etched walnut project button, uniquely numbered. Only 100 will ever be made.

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