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Brushed 3-ply 280g, 100% Organic Cotton and Climate Neutral
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By popular demand we're bringing our Silicone Soul collaboration to a sweatshirt* in navy or grey!

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Sometimes you need to look back to look forward; marking the start of a new decade, we celebrate 20 years of our game-changing breakthrough hit with a brand new remastered version and two new remixes.

Right On, Right On’ and on and on and on… The duo’s iconic Cutis Mayfield sampling single came in many shapes and sizes around the turn of the century. Beginning as ‘Right On 4 Tha Darkness’ in 1999, it then became ‘Right On, Right On’ in 2000 with that legendary hypnotic bongo loop that brought the soaring strings and warm jacking groove together so exceptionally well that another version popped up a year later; with added vocals from Louise Clare Marshall, ‘Right On!’ smashed the UK mainstream, hitting number 15 in the official charts… And led to the Glasgow duo famously declining an offer to go on Top Of The Pops.

'Two decades later and we still don’t regret that decision! Excited to be collaborating with 1 of 100 again on this release, it just feels right... on.' Craig Morrison

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*It's been really hard to capture the ink colours digitally so there may be a slight variance to what's shown.

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This design is on 100% Organic Cotton as usual.

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