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Pre-order - we will be printing all orders on the 10th December in case they are presents. 

1 of 100 x Carla J Easton! Really pleased to be collaborating with a local artist and someone who's music I've loved this year. 

This is a Special Edition so don't panic you'll definitely be able to get one if you order before print day!

'Honoured to work with 1 of 100 to create something special and ethically made.. Weirdo celebrates all the things that make me me or make you you. Normal doesn't exist. It's time to reclaim the origins of the word weird - which was having the power to control your own destiny. The weird things about us are the idiosyncrasies that make us all individual and unique.' - Carla J Easton

Check out her music and videos Here

This design is on super soft 100% Organic Cotton as usual, with red ink on natural/cream or red and hand printed in Glasgow.

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