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Project 038. Legendary DJ, producer and artist, Justin Robertson! Justin DJs at all the major festivals and clubs that matter, he is a much in demand remixer for the likes of Happy Mondays, Bjork, New Order and Bryan Ferry and produces his own music, including Lionrock and Deadstock 33s. And now he's collaborating with us.

A 6 x 8" art print of 'Detective Module' will be included with every order of Justin's t-shirt.

'It is a real pleasure for me to have the opportunity to work with 1 of 100. I have long admired their work; they have an eye for interesting projects and an admirable commitment to quality. So, it seemed to be the natural home for my first foray into merchandising, I’ve never produced one of my artworks on a T-shirt before and I must say I am delighted with the results. It’s sometimes hard to capture the nuances of an artwork on a shirt, but this image has translated perfectly, in fact it’s a work of art in itself. I have also included a print of the original work which comes in a handily frameable size. I hope you enjoy the shirt and the art.' Love JR X

The original piece is for sale as well as more of his fantastic artworks Here

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