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Project 018, Justin Strauss, a true NYC legend and resident DJ at the city’s most iconic clubs. Justin remembers the oft-mythologised scene that he shared with the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Larry Levan and many more. The design was a gift from the legendary Keith Haring!

‘One of the best things about being friends with Keith Haring was being able to hang out with him at his studio or on the streets and watch him work. It was a thrill to get to witness that and no matter how busy you were with your own things Keith could make you feel like you were standing still. He was a whirlwind of creativity and inspiration. One day I was hanging out with him at his studio on lower Broadway near Houston Street. He had just recently returned from a trip to Italy where he had an exhibit. The gallery there had printed up a super limited edition, oversized book. The hardcover book was the size of a small poster, about 20 inches tall. Keith who was always very generous asked me if I wanted a copy. Of course I said “Yes I’d love it”. He pulled out a silver marker and opened to the first blank page and proceeded to do that drawing of me dj’ing. Keith had given me lots of of other things but this drawing will always be my favorite. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to spend time with him and miss him very much ❤️’ - Justin

Justin and 1 of 100 are donating 20% of profits to the One Tree Planted charity.
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