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Secret DJ

Custom printed every Wednesday
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Our T-Shirts:
155g, 100% Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral and printed with your unique number
The Secret DJ T-Shirt available now in gold on white


Project 020, The Secret DJ. From the DJ that has seen it all, the glamour, the parties, the excess, the highs and, of course the lows. He has lived in the hedonistic fast lane of club culture over the last thirty years, from the dawn of acid house to the dusk of EDM. Now the limited edition T-Shirt with 1 of 100.

‘When hedonism turned to decadence, I made my excuses and left. The Secret DJ stayed at the party and now sends an insightful, scabrous and darkly beautiful written report that lends weight to Mr Blake's aphorism.’ - Andrew Weatherall

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Only 100 T-Shirts in total across all colour ways. Packed in an exclusive tote bag.
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