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Munken Pure Rough Cream 300gsm:
2 colours of ink, see process photos
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Project 058, 1 of 100 x Hannah Peel x The Private Press! An exclusive, Limited Edition run of 100 Art Print posters, personally signed by Hannah, 40 x 40cm. The print features 2 colours - see the process photos for the full story. The paper we chose is Munken Pure Rough Cream 300gsm which reflects the album. The uncoated, extra tactile surface of Munken Pure Rough and its cream shade enhance attributes of images and give even more of the natural paper feel. And of course it carries FSC certification. Be 1 of 100. 

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'I am very excited to be a part of 1 of 100’s collection. The design for the Fir Wave album is by ceramicist James D Pegg . It was a beautiful collaboration - the sharing of music, the matching of worlds - audio and gestural expression.

We talked about the inspiration behind the album and circularity of nature, and James’s instant reaction was to produce a piece looking at the Japanese Ensõ movement: "I worked off the nuances and tones of Hannah's electronic record to capture the organic and kinetic action in casting and so one circle was created for each of the tracks. Capturing the tracks with the purity of a circle, embodied both her soundscapes and the nature of my work.”' - Hannah Peel

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