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Popset Cosmo Pink 240gsm:
Rich black overprinted by a beautiful metallic gold ink
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Project 050, 1 of 100 x Luke Una x the Private Press! An exclusive, Limited Edition run of 100 Art Print posters, 40 x 40cm. The print features 2 colours - a rich black overprinted by a beautiful metallic gold ink. The paper we chose is Popset Cosmo Pink 240gsm, which has an eye catching, bright pink hue. Dale Hopscotch worked alongside Luke Una to channel his madness and help steer the design and lay out to a wonderful place. Be 1 of 100. 

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'I’m excited to announce a collaboration project I’ve been working on for ages with my heroes The Private Press and 1 of 100. It’s about the last 11 months of acid house witness protection holding on in a southside cul de Sac and streams of conscious from 40 years of blood sweat and tears and E SOUL CULTURA in various after parties, Basements and lofts and 24 hour garages.' - Luke Una

'We are all about collaboration here at The Private Press so we are delighted to finally get to work with the guys at 1 of 100 after admiring their work for some time now. We love their work! Working on a project with Luke is particularly special, we’ve been loving his Worldwide FM radio shows this year, and we have Luke to thank for introducing us to so much amazing music over the years. We remember his idiosyncratic handwriting appearing in Jockey Slut Magazine what must be approaching 20 years ago, so to be printing it onto such a beautiful print all these years later is great. The print is truly a special one and it has been a real pleasure working on it with everyone - and it’s always a joy printing gold ink onto pink paper…' - Gary, The Private Press

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