1 of 100 Disco Umbrella


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Twin Canopy for Strength:
48 inch Recycled Polyester Canopy
Storm Proof:
14mm Fibreglass Shaft, Automatic super slick one handed opening!
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Party! When a crazy idea becomes a reality. Of course it had to be built to last, recycled materials and made by one of the best in the business. 

'Looking back at my To Do List it turns out this idea came to me over 8 months ago! After much research, test samples, and fine-tuning I'm super happy to finally release the 1 of 100 Disco Umbrella. Turning every wet and rainy day into a party. Get out there and take the dancefloor with you.’  - Richie / 1 of 100

* You might not be surprised to hear that the size of the box to deliver them is much bigger than I'd budgeted for in the first batch... so unfortunately we have had to increase the price to help cover some of it. Every day is a school day! *

Thanks to Dustin for the amazing photo!