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Project 069, 1 of 100 x Charles Webster! I really love this job. Getting to collaborate with such musical visionaries like Charles is a real honour. A simple, bold message deserves a simple, bold t-shirt. Pink ink onto egg plant or grey, yellow ink onto bright blue or grey, 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts. Only 100 in total will be made across all colour options. 

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'The first time I encountered 1 of 100 I loved the idea…so we discussed a possible collaboration for a ‘Decision Time’ tee shirt, a strong message in these turbulent times in which humanity and governments have to come together and stand up to make some critical decisions…..with their high quality, ethical, hand made, ultra limited edition and stylish tee shirts, 1 of 100 is a lovely concept, in this age of disposable, mass produced, cynical marketing/selling, their business model is perfect for the times.

Making only 100 of each item really appeals to me, and as there are different colour ways available, potentially you could own a genuine, hand made ‘one-off' - Charles Webster

Check out his Charles's Bandcamp HERE

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