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Project 072, Cue Dot Records! Another dream collaboration with an inspirational record label overflowing with a passion for music. And to make this collaboration even more special, Cue Dot are bundling each t-shirt with a sampler cassette. Only 100 t-shirts and tapes will be made.

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'I spotted the 1 of 100 project a few years ago when they were sharing the design of a Dark Outside T-shirt. I read about their concept and immediately became drawn to it. Their sense of community collaboration is one that is very close to my own heart. But not only that, there was a sense that they truly cared about the products they were creating and genuinely wished for those buying into what they were doing to be treated to something noteworthy.

A number of years later, after forming the Cue Dot Series, the idea of a collaboration between their project and ours seemed an obvious marrying of kindred spirits. A shared sense of community and valuing of the arts.

As for the design, as with all the Cue Dot Series to date, it truly is a collaboration. We’ve taken it as seriously as every release in our series. It has a unique number CUE DOT 009 and has a musical release to accompany it CUE DOT SAMPLER Vol. I. It places a nod towards the cinematic roots and musical inspiration of our project through the circle pack design and colouring, together with Richie’s own chosen Cue Dot patterning playing a nod to his 1 of 100 project.

We’re honoured to work with Richie on this and thrilled to be able to share it with you.' - Paul Scott, Cue Dot Records

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