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Project 110, 1 of 100 x God's Waiting Room (David Holmes), Sonic Treasures (Brother Joseph) and Nick Burton (Sabres of Paradise designer and all round legend)! I was lucky enough to spend some time with David, Joseph and David Keenan and bunch of the best people on Friday night, so you'll know how much this one means to me.

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Grab a cuppa, stick on one of their great shows and buckle up for the story behind, what we think will be an iconic t-shirt.

David Holmes Gods Waiting Room

Brother Joseph Sonic Treasures

'It was during lockdown that I first met Nick via a Facebook page I had set up for roots music, bluegrass, country, rock n roll, Cajun and soul. He was learning the mandolin and some Bill Monroe / Ralph Stanley, proper bluegrass legends and as a drummer himself we shared a good few chats about Levon Helm, one of thee head honchos of The Band, the singing drummer and mandolin player that wanted to go ahead with director Martin  Scorsese because of three reasons:

Number One: Why did the king of country music Muddy Waters have to get a taxi to the venue? Two: Why Neil Diamond? Three: Get that fkn camera out my face.

Nick posted the song “That Home Above” by Bill Monroe. I called Nick right away as the song has a desire to die in its lyrics and at 2am, I just wanted to make sure he was ok. Life gets on top of the best of us. That’s where our bond truly started.

My Dad would spend his Sundays - The Sabbath - cooking and gladly see us go to mass, whilst he would indulge in cooking the Sunday roast whilst listening to Hank/Bill/DL Menard and George Jones. 

There’s a motto now that me and Nick have ‘"Where the soul of man never dies“ which features in the BillMonroe song he posted. It’s that beauty that has hatched another project, art baked and caked as Movers and Shakers but that’s tomorrow’s news.

Another common link we had was Andrew Weatherall and at this early stage of bonding I never knew how connected to Andrew he was. 

I got to messing around with a couple of spray paint templates of the infamous Sabres Of Paradise swords. It was just a bit of lockdown fun. We were all on a chat with one common denominator... Andrew.

It was a sore one losing Andrew, as to me he was a legend, a hero and a friend.

I think everyone felt it, it was seismic. I remember vividly the day Elvis died. I was 6 years old and it was the first experience I think I had of loss and grief. Well not really, as I remember Telly Savalas dying in one of those war movies but couldn’t get it into my head why he was on the other channel as Kojak?!! 

So yes Andrew had passed over but what's that saying about Souls of men never dying!? I sent Nick a little plaque of the swords and to my disbelief he came back to me saying do you mind if I mess about with them, as it took him back to his first work with Andrew. 

What? What work? Well Nick said and he was the typical big gentle giant he is... “I designed those swords” he said.

Here was I basically sending back a remix of an image to the originator. The story of that iconic logo along with the Teddy Girl and the Teddy Boy (he was based on some roughneck Easterhouse Ted from a tv documentary Nick saw about Glasgow gang culture) It's fascinating and says it all really as far as I’m concerned. 

Andrew was the real deal. I’ve always said he could have been a member of The Clash as he possessed that natural iconic look and it’s no wonder his talent shone throughout, from acid house to rockabilly, but I also find that like a lot he had a beautiful gentle kind soul. 

Nick turns out to have drummed with a good few sessions and artists even working on a Willie Nelson tour, was thee original Sonic Boom Boy, played on Jah Wobbles Bomba, worked with The Orb, Greg Hunter and Thrash, as well as having numerous spats with his young pal, the one and only Chris Rotter, who both played in Andrews live outing of TWO LONE SWORDSMEN. 

So when Andrew passed I was asked by Sister Vic Soundclash to record a tribute for her radio magnetic show. I set about it with the intent of doing something different. I mean you could literally play for a full week given the content and connections via Andrew’s stuff. I played snippets of intros and samples of tunes tipping the hat to the man.

The only tribute that turned my head at the time was David Holmes GODS WAITING ROOM. I’m Gonnae be biased here but his two shows to Andrew were the most beautiful and cinematic I’d heard. I used to do shows for magnetic years earlier, from garage punk to ambience and techno to country soul. I had two CDJ’s, a turntable and a space echo and felt they were being neglected so put together the idea for The Sonic Treasure Show.

I wanted a show that would play across the board. Yes there is the comparison to MNFE but my idea was to bring guests on board and I guess thats one strong point of why it’s worked. I mean, who would listen to only me? We were in lockdown and I felt a little bit of the old nostalgic radio days were back. Let's face it, what else were people doing on their weekends? I hate to say it but lockdown gave me time to be creative, entertaining from one post code to the other. I wasn’t alone in that as my good friends Trudi and Graham were doing the same with Lockdown Radio. 

I wanted a logo and I had the right man to do it. A logo and a theme tune has to be recognisable. 

It was almost as if Nick was in my head. A big part of the logo does come from those amazing Jamaican album label designs, with a touch of Dickens. Instead of levering open a treasure chest of coins with a crowbar, we opened a screeching rust hinged lid of vinyl. Nick brought that to life. Logo in the bag, guests in place and ready to set the dials.

The show has now been running for two years with guests such as Sean Johnston / Richard Sen / Kriss Needs / Andy Bell / Nina Walsh / My old pal Rev Beatman / Sonic Boom / Jill Lorean / Alex Knight / FROID Records / Lil Obeah / BT Cop / David Holmes right thru into the unknowns that I love to champion. 

I refuse to let it be stuck in any genre and guests are given Carte Blanche. A blank canvas to do whatever they wish. Another amazing thing Nick brought to the table as well as his artistic excellence was Andy Bell and Nina Walsh. 

Nina’s input to the show has been exceptional to say the least - The original Sabrette.  Along with Alex Knight of Fat Cat Records, these folk cannot  be allowed to be forgotten, as they were at the fore front of those unforgettable days and have contributed massively for me in all manner of musical support and inspiration.

Andy Bell, a total gent of a man who has appeared four times in the last few years, has been  official beatified as Patron Saint of all things Sonic Treasure.

So beyond how far I could take it, I contacted yer man David Holmes to see if he fancied it. David needs no introduction and his musical legacy speaks for itself. It was incredible having him on the show along with Andy Bell for the first anniversary. I’ve always been a fan and as I said earlier, his tribute to Andrew was nothing short of perfection. 

His GODS WAITING ROOM SHOW falls again into that space of playing across the board and if you listen to the mix that David did in October 21, it fits perfectly into the ethos of the show. 

From that moment, something kicked in. I guess it’s a bit like when David Keenan says we create our own magic, hence magic is real. Earlier in May, we brought the two shows out and into The BERKLEY SUITE all be it mostly for the dance floor but the idea was just let’s have fun. 

So we move now into November and territories new. Playing this month in Lynch’s bar on the cusp of Glasgows Calton and Barras area. It’s small and raw, which is how it should be. 

As for for the Tees... I’ve proudly watched for a while the greatness that fellow Glaswegian Rich does with 1 of 100 and we have spoken on numerous occasions, about how just having the belief has got us there. Him more so than me as his business model is just amazing. Collaborating with musical and literary geniuses, and now to be a small part of that is another special piece of magic, with him helping on this special Tee. 

He’s the best, and along with Nicks design, David and our shows, it’s an honour  for me to introduce this beautiful four way project with Rich.' - Brother Joseph / Sonic Treasures

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